Why do we do this to ourselves.

why live in a world of labels and false dichotomies and fabricated systems. And money: the biggest false necessity there is. A joke — sour at the moment of birth and debilitating (murderous, really) by its sheer presence in our lives.

Ah, life.

Is it living, life, really, when the big city is home and nature is an escape. I am made of earth and water, not plastic and steel. I think. Home is what (how) I think and I have been divorced from the earth for so long.

Divorced —

not by choice; by chance because I was born into “civilisation” — joke number two. You can be divorced from something (someone) you ought to, want to, be bound to by something (someone) else. I wish that were a joke. But it isn’t.

I am angry

because: be careful what you create. I am here, too. And I want it undone.



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