A Long Time Coming

I’ve been thinking about starting a personal blog for a while now. There are of course personal posts already up on my other blog, but I tend to keep myself from putting those up too often because I feel that they’re inconsistent with the beauty-related content. What’s funny is that The Beauty Bee (despite its name) didn’t actually start out as a strictly for-beauty blog; there are loads of “lifestyle” sort of posts on there if you go far back enough, but I sputtered out in writing those early on for one reason or another.

The effect has been that the few personal posts that do make it out of my drafts section tend to be expressions of things I just can’t keep in anymore. Browse through the “personal” tag on the blog and you’ll likely get the impression that I am extremely emo (which, to be fair, I do tend to be haha) and that my entire life is suffering. And really, it isn’t. I guess difficult times just make it impossible for me to keep my mouth shut — which is great, because I keep my mouth shut way too often. 

I admire people who just go at it when it comes to self-expression. As much as I love the actual act of writing, exposing my work and my self (one and the same, really) has never come easy. I have a crippling fear of being criticised and my fear of being judged used to be right up there with the fear of criticism, but thankfully that’s decreased significantly because of recent events that taught me to give less of a shit. It’s taken me the better part of 26 years on Earth to realise that having no voice is a lot like having no personality… and if people think you’ve no personality, they’re happy to supply you with a false one in their minds, on which they will base their judgment of you. And that is no one’s fault but your own, really.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I’ll have anything particularly earth-shattering to say (although I can tell you now that I don’t hold stereotypically traditional views on much anything), but hopefully having a space where I can just write about whatever I want will help get me going and find my writing groove again. Fingers crossed! Xx

P.s. Linking my most recent personal blog post – right here – for those who may have missed it. I put it up quite a while back now (Nov. 2, 2015 to be exact) but it’s still indicative of the general direction my life is taking at the moment (away from bullshit and towards Truth, essentially). While a piece of me is in all of my writing, that particular post is a huge chunk of my soul laid bare. Take it as you will and my peace to you.  


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